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The purpose of this space is:

1. To promote the legacy, memory & ideals of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar leading to equality, liberty, fraternity and social justice.

2. To educate and promote ‘Ambedkarite thought’ focusing on ‘Annihilation of caste’.

3. To Identify & expose hidden dangers to the Ambedkarite movement and foundations of Ambedkarism.

4. To raise awareness of current problems faced by the Ambedkarite community and find solutions to these problems by way of asking questions and receiving answers.

~Global Ambedkarites Team

AMBEDKARISM in a nutshell, is a human-centred way of life and ethical philosophy of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, which stems from his belief that:

“The cultivaion (leading to expansion) of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence” .

The welcoming side effects of this cultivation of mind is ‘Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and social justice for all’

ALSO; Equality, liberty, fraternity and social justice allows one to freely focus on the cultivation and expansion of mind.

THE OBJECTIVE OF AMBEDKARISM i.e “Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Social Justice” IS NOT possible in a jati/caste based society.

Ambedkarite: Propagator of Ambedkarism

The Real Nationalist’s Aim;

• Annihilation of the CONCEPT of jati/caste is the PRIMARY aim of an Ambedkarite.

• Annihilation of jati/caste; being a pre-requisite to equality, liberty, fraternity and social justice (ideals etched in the CONSTITUTION of India), should becomes the major goal of ALL Indians, THE REAL NATIONALISTS.

AoJ/AoC will not solve all problems in Indian society but without the annihilation of this evil monster that is intricately meshed with the concept of Hinduism, ALL OTHER REVOLUTIONS whether political, religious or economical, that aim to solve the problems of social justice, ARE MERELY SHORT-TERM FIXES only giving the impression of equality, liberty and fraternity.

Political, economical, social and philosophical/relegious revolutions MUST NOT be at the expense of AoC.

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