Meaning of the word CASTE

WHAT DOES THE WORD ‘CASTE’ MEAN? The word caste is an English word and a HYPERNYM, derived from the Spanish/Portugese word, ‘CASTA’.  It makes it easier to understand what the word ‘Caste’ actually means, if you understand the two words, HYPERNYM and HYPONYM. HYPERNYM (Dictionary meaning) is a word with a broad meaning constituting a […]


VAGUE TERMS Dr Ambedkar did not like using words and terms (especially labels) with vague meanings DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCHEDULED CLASSESS (SC), THE DEPRESSED CLASSES AND EXTERIOR CLASSES (EC). It was Mr. Mullan, Chief Superintendent of Assam (not Dr. Ambedkar) who suggested the term Exterior Classes (EC). Although EC is not the ideal term either, Dr. […]

WHY did Dr. Ambedkar say, “Gandhi is the greatest enemy of the untouchables”?

When Dr. Ambedkar used the words “greatest enemy”, HE LITERALLY MEANT IT but WHY? (I hope to make this crystal clear by the end of the article). The actual words used by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar were, “Gandhi is the greatest enemy the untouchables ever had in India” When did Dr. Ambedkar say, “Gandhi is the greatest enemy the […]

अनुसूचित जातियों और जनजातियों के लोग हिंदू क्यों नहीं?

मुझे लगता है कि श्री एम.के. गांधी इस अवसर पर कुछ हद तक सही थे। यह एक स्वागत योग्य दुष्प्रभाव हो सकता है, लेकिन अलग निर्वाचन क्षेत्र का यह उद्देश्य नहीं था । सितंबर 1932 में प्रधानमंत्री रामसे मैकडोनाल्ड को लिखे एक पत्र में गांधी ने लिखा, “पिछड़े वर्ग के लिए अलग निर्वाचन क्षेत्र की […]

Which caste does Sharma surname people in North India belong to?

Why has the need arisen to ask such questions ? Seems like people are obsessed with caste names and for the wrong reasons. Simlar Questions that have been asked are: What caste are people with the surname Ambedkar from  Which caste do people with the surname “Ambedkar” belong to? What Caste does the Surname Verma Belong […]

Why do some Sikhs and Ravidassis use terms which are counter productive to annihilation of caste, like ” Dalit Sikhs” and statements like “Guru Ravidasji was an eminent Chamar according to Guru Granth Sahib”?

If you are a Sikh you have no caste and if you have a caste you are not a Sikh. Before I answer the main question, I would like to to state something very important to a practicing Sikh (useful for non-Sikhs to know too). Why label any sikh a Ravidassi, jatt, Mazhabi, Chamar or any […]

Could you be suffering from casteophobia?

Meaning of Casteomania and related words.. CASTEOMANIA (Pronunciation; kaas-chee-o-main-i-aa): A psychological condition in which a person believes she/he has a jāti (commonly known as caste). CASTEOMANIAC (Pronunciation; kaas-chee-o-main-i-uck): A Person suffering from casteomania. All casteomaniacs are subconsciously jatist (casteists) CASTEOPATH: A casteist sociopath who has perfected the art of hiding his casteomania. CASTEOPATHOLOGY: Scientific study of underlying causes and […]

What is the Indian caste system and how does it work?

Question details: As an American, I am completely unfamiliar with Indian culture and have a hard time understanding what the caste system is and why it exists. Could someone provide an overview? Answer details: I assume you mean: What is the INDIAN caste system based on? This answer assumes you know nothing about the Indian […]

“Can the caste system be eradicated from India? If so, how?”

 “Can the caste system be eradicated from India? If so, how?” Answered by Shekhar Bodhakar That’s a great ‘two in one’ question. Asking this question implies that you have a desire to end the caste system (maybe because deep inside you realise WHY it must be annihilated) and just want to know the “HOW TO” Yes, […]