A talk by Satpal Muman, a leading advocate working on the anti-caste movement in the UK; organised by the Decolonising LSE collective

About this Event: Caste-based oppression is not limited to South Asia, but is replicated in migrant communities across the globe. In the UK, the ‘Caste discrimination and harassment in Great Britain’ report commissioned by the government in 2010 confirmed the existence of caste oppression in education, employment, health care, religious institutions as well as public […]

Dr. Ambedkar is being grossly disrespected

A very serious message for the followers of Babasaheb from Sudhir Raj Singh on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s 130th Birth Anniversary.Whilst  there are millions going to Kumbh mela, immediately after lockdown due to Corona pandemic, permission has not been granted by the authorities to celebrate Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s Jayanthi from Ambedkar Bhavan, which was bought […]


BACKGROUND:  Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar  prescribed these vows so that: 1. There may be complete severance of bond with the old Hindu customs that promote superstition and caste which in turn hinders fraternity, human progress and scientific temper 2. To protect Buddhism from unnecessary confusion, contradictions and adulteration These vows were administered by Babasaheb […]

“Act of Commitment” pledged by the UK Interfaith community, on the first Bodhi Tree Day, led by Shekhar Bodhakar, 9th Sept 2017

BODHI-TREE DAY and INTERFAITH ACT OF COMMITMENT DAY were, for the very first time, jointly celebrated on 9th September 2017 in London.  Other than building inter-faith understanding and tolerance, the interfaith community’s achievements were: 1) A historic initiative taken by a London Ambedkarite, Shekhar Bodhakar, resulting in drafting of The Interfaith “Act of Commitment” document, which includes the […]