Meaning of the word CASTE

WHAT DOES THE WORD ‘CASTE’ MEAN? The word caste is an English word and a HYPERNYM, derived from the Spanish/Portugese word, ‘CASTA’.  It makes it easier to understand what the word ‘Caste’ actually means, if you understand the two words, HYPERNYM and HYPONYM. HYPERNYM (Dictionary meaning) is a word with a broad meaning constituting a […]

अनुसूचित जातियों और जनजातियों के लोग हिंदू क्यों नहीं?

मुझे लगता है कि श्री एम.के. गांधी इस अवसर पर कुछ हद तक सही थे। यह एक स्वागत योग्य दुष्प्रभाव हो सकता है, लेकिन अलग निर्वाचन क्षेत्र का यह उद्देश्य नहीं था । सितंबर 1932 में प्रधानमंत्री रामसे मैकडोनाल्ड को लिखे एक पत्र में गांधी ने लिखा, “पिछड़े वर्ग के लिए अलग निर्वाचन क्षेत्र की […]

Which caste does Sharma surname people in North India belong to?

Why has the need arisen to ask such questions ? Seems like people are obsessed with caste names and for the wrong reasons. Simlar Questions that have been asked are: What caste are people with the surname Ambedkar from  Which caste do people with the surname “Ambedkar” belong to? What Caste does the Surname Verma Belong […]

Could you be suffering from casteophobia?

Meaning of Casteomania and related words.. CASTEOMANIA (Pronunciation; kaas-chee-o-main-i-aa): A psychological condition in which a person believes she/he has a jāti (commonly known as caste). CASTEOMANIAC (Pronunciation; kaas-chee-o-main-i-uck): A Person suffering from casteomania. All casteomaniacs are subconsciously jatist (casteists) CASTEOPATH: A casteist sociopath who has perfected the art of hiding his casteomania. CASTEOPATHOLOGY: Scientific study of underlying causes and […]

What is the Indian caste system and how does it work?

Question details: As an American, I am completely unfamiliar with Indian culture and have a hard time understanding what the caste system is and why it exists. Could someone provide an overview? Answer details: I assume you mean: What is the INDIAN caste system based on? This answer assumes you know nothing about the Indian […]

CASTES IN INDIA Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development

CASTES IN INDIA Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development Paper read before the Anthropology Seminar of Dr. A. A. Goldenweizer at The Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. on 9th May 1916 Many of us, I dare say, have witnessed local, national or international expositions of material objects that make up the sum total of human civilization. […]

Which caste do people with the surname Ambedkar belong to?

Why did the need to ask this question arise? People with the surname Ambedkar do not belong to any caste. Nor did the most famous Ambedkar (Dr BR Ambedkar), the social reformer who fought for a casteless society belonged to any caste. Read one of his undelivered speeches, ‘Annihilation of caste’. ‘Ambedkar’ is not a caste. Nor is that […]

Why are there so many Brahmin freedom fighters?

Editors Note: The following article is from a series of questions answered by Mr. Shekhar Bodhakar ” All battles for freedom are not on equal moral plane for the simple reason that the motives and purposes behind these battles of freedom are not always the same”.-Dr. Ambedkar,”Plea to the foreigner”. Could, Why Dr. Ambedkar not support the Quit […]

QUESTION : Who are the biggest hypocrites in modern India?

QUESTION: Who are the biggest hypocrites in modern India?  Answered by Shekhar Bodhakar I think Mr M.K. Gandhi may have been somewhat right on this occasion. That would’ve been a welcoming side effect but wasn’t the aim of seperate electorates  In a letter to PM Ramsay Mcdonald in Sept 1932, Gandhi wrote,  “In the establishment of […]


AUTHOR: Shekhar Bodhakar ARYANS/ARIYANS & MOOL-NIVASIS.. These are my conclusions with my personal views based on my findings.. I revise my views based on what else new I discover for myself. Asking to elaborate or clarify a certain point is perfectly acceptable. 1) ARYA /ARIYA /ARYANS /ARIYANS: I’m against the use of the term “Videshi […]