Why do some Sikhs and Ravidassis use terms which are counter productive to annihilation of caste, like ” Dalit Sikhs” and statements like “Guru Ravidasji was an eminent Chamar according to Guru Granth Sahib”?

If you are a Sikh you have no caste and if you have a caste you are not a Sikh. Before I answer the main question, I would like to to state something very important to a practicing Sikh (useful for non-Sikhs to know too). Why label any sikh a Ravidassi, jatt, Mazhabi, Chamar or any […]

“Can the caste system be eradicated from India? If so, how?”

 “Can the caste system be eradicated from India? If so, how?” Answered by Shekhar Bodhakar That’s a great ‘two in one’ question. Asking this question implies that you have a desire to end the caste system (maybe because deep inside you realise WHY it must be annihilated) and just want to know the “HOW TO” Yes, […]

Why are scheduled castes and tribes not Hindu?

In a letter to British PM Ramsay Mcdonald in Sept 1932, Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wrote, “In the establishment of separate electorates at all for the ‘depressed classes’, I sense the injection of poison that is calculated to destroy Hinduism.” Mr Gandhi may have been “somewhat” correct on this occasion. “Distruction of Hinduism” would’ve been a welcoming side effect for […]

THOUSANDS of brutal killings of SCs, STs and minorities don’t buzz these sections of people like the ONE George Floyd killing that has ignited and agitated the Blacks of US and rest of the world against his killing.WHY?

The “Avarna Untouchables” and other minorities are not insensitive, unconcerned and non-committed towards their own rights and obligations. However, many are not aware about dead (ineffective) minority movements and they must not fall in the trap believing that the movement they are committed to has all the answers to all minority issues. They need to […]

What can be done to eradicate the caste system in Sikhism?

The caste system cannot be eradicated unless ‘caste is eradicated’. Annihilation of ALL traces of caste is the only solution. A mere belief that a person has a caste is ‘propagation of the caste system’ because the ONLY purpose of belonging to a caste is to plug into the caste system. STEPS TO ANNIHILATE CASTE (Mainly understanding):  Let every Sikh […]