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QUESTION: What is the full form of B. R. Ambedkar?

QUESTION: What is the full form of B. R. Ambedkar?

QUESTION: What is the full form of B. R. Ambedkar?

QUESTION: What is the full form of B. R. Ambedkar?

QUESTION: What is the full form of B. R. Ambedkar?

The following is from serious of questions answered by Shekhar Bodhakar       

B.R. Ambedkar full form is: Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

It can also be read as:


Bhim Rao Ambedkar

or (more accurately),

Bhimrao (Son of) Ramji Ambedkar


Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar’s name kept by his family was ‘Bhimrao’ NOT ‘Bhimrao Ramji’. Ramji was his father’s name kept by his family.. The family name was Ambevadekar, named after the village they came from. Ambedkar is derived from Ambevadekar.

Surname is a western concept. It was a tradition in most cultures and still is in many cultures, to write your father’s name after your own name (when written) to identify yourself from other people with the same name. To further identify themselves, people also wrote their grandfather’s and great grandfather’s name too.

In these cultures, the standard way to write any name (still used today) was to write *s/o, d/o or w/o after the first name and then write the father’s or husband’s name as the case maybe.

*S/o to be read as ‘son of’

*D/o to be read as ‘daughter of’

*W/o to be read as ‘wife of,

When during the colonial rule, the system of surnames was adopted, the s/o, d/o and w/o was omitted.

Women wrote their husband’s name after their names once they were married.


Babasahib Ambedkar’s father’s name was RAMJI S/O MALOJI SAKPAL , written as: Ramji Maloji Sakpal

NOTE: After the system of surnames was adopted, Babasaheb’s father name was written as ‘Ramji Maloji AMBEDKAR’.

Babasaheb Ambedkar’s mother’s name was BHIMABAI W/O RAMJI SAKPAL, written as Bhimabai Ramji Sakpal (after her husband’s name)

Babasaheb’s name was BHIMRAO

written as Bhimrao S/O Ramji Sakpal (after his father’s name; Ramji). On the adoption of the system of surnames, the s/o was omitted and therefore his name came to be written as Bhimrao Ramji Sakpal instead of Bhimrao Ramji Maloji Sakpal.

Sakpal, just like Ambedkar wasn’t a surname, though it has now become one. There was no such thing in those days. Sakpal was the name of Maloji’s father. Furthermore, Maloji’s fullname is written as just Maloji Sakpal because no one seems to know the name of Sakpal’s father.

Further examples:

Babasaheb’s Brothers’ names, Balaram and Anandrao were written as:

Balaram Ramji Ambedkar and

Anandrao Ramji Ambedkar.

This doesn’t mean both brothers were Ramji or their surnames was Ramji Ambedkar !! Ramji was their father’s name.


Baba Saheb’s first wife’s name was Ramabai,

written as RAMABAI BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR* to be understood as: RAMABAI w/o BHIMRAO Ambedkar

This is so, because:

** Babasaheb’s name was BHIMRAO (not Bhimrao Ramji)

His second wife’s name was Savita, written as: Savita *Bhimrao* Ambedkar; AGAIN implying that B.R. should be read as Bhim Rao.


Yashwant Bhimrao Ambedkar (son) married to:

Meerabai Yashwant Ambedkar

Yashwant’s son is Prakash *Yashwant* Ambedkar

(and the list Continue)


B.R. Ambedkar should be read as:


Bhim Rao Ambedkar


Bhimrao *son of Ramji* Ambedkar