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QUESTION: Why should Hindu Identity be given up?

QUESTION: Why should Hindu Identity be given up?

QUESTION: Why should Hindu Identity be given up?

QUESTION: Why should Hindu Identity be given up?

QUESTION: Why should Hindu Identity be given up?


Why should Hindu Identity be given up?

Answered by Shekhar Bodhakar

I suggest we should ban the word “Hindu” from our vocabulary altogether.

Especially to MAKE A POINT to those SCs who identify themselves as Hindus, that no Indian is now a Hindu.

All who were once Hindus of Hindustan are now called Indians of India


NO SC ST, including Kovind, is a Hindu Annihilate this “Hindu” Concept, at least from OUR vocabulary, just as we have almost annihilated “Hindustan” from OUR vocabulary.

 Call them Ghost/Neo Hindus who are slaves of the Varnadharmi Dwijas. Even they are not Hindus but they are  MADE TO BELIEVE they are Hindus. This needs to be countered (lets focus more on their identity bits, than superstitions)

Apart from annihilating jati identities, I think this is what needs to be understood the most and tackled first. As long as there is a Hindu identity, the Avarnas are doomed. Tell that to the SC Neo-Hindus, the Ghost-Hindus.

Whoever, today calls themselves a Hindu, is a Neo-Hindu (not even a Pseudo Hindu because a pseudo is a fake of something which is real and there cannot be real Hindus, citizens of Hindustan, as there is no more a Hindustan). Once an official Hindustan (hopefully not) is created, we will ALL be called Hindus

BOTH, Hindustan AND the Hindu identity must be challenged  whenever you can, where-ever you can. If your enemies can give you harmful new labels like Dalits, Dalit-Buddhists, Neo-Buddhists and Harijans why can’t you give them the befitting NEO HINDU label?

They are bound to ask you what that means and you’ll have a perfect excuse to explain the reasons.

Even Brahmins are not Hindus.

In a letter to PM Ramsay Mcdonald in Sept 1932, Mr. Gandhi wrote,

“In the establishment of separate electorates at all for the ‘depressed classes’, I sense the injection of poison that is calculated to destroy Hinduism.”

It would’ve been more accurate if instead of “Hinduism”  he had he said, “the Hindu identity.” 

People from the scheduled castes and tribes who believe deprivation of their right to separate electorate was a great injustice but continue to call themselves Hindus ARE THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITES IN INDIAN HISTORY. 

If Separate Electorates had been implemented as was legally decided, NO PERSON FROM THE SCHEDULED CLASSES WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED A HINDU TODAY. People belonging to the scheduled castes need to remember that Hindu was a forced identity on them ensuring separate electorate doesn’t take place.

That’s why Dr. Ambedkar said “Gandhi is the greatest enemy the untouchables ever had”

2. THE DALIT IDENTITY is just as harmful as the Hindu Identity and must always be challenged. 

Hindu identity encompasses many groups, taking them away from their cultural/group identities. It aids in annihilating their real identity.


They Dalit identity encompasses other groups too.. Dalit-Muslims, Dalit-Sikhs, Dalit-Buddhists. They will all be eventually tagged with Dalit- Hindus (the Muslim may escape).

Question the propagators of Dalitism should be asked.. 

If Dalits are just people from castes that were scheduled, then what purpose does giving a new label to the scheduled castes serve? 

THEY need to answer this first.

WE know the answer

Pravin Bhalsain of IIBS (Indian Institute of Buddhist studies) explains this very well.

3. SCs who always use SC/ST/OBC, shows they  are thinking with a political mindset ONLY and have brainwashed themselves to thinking only a political revolution can save them, not realizing there cannot be a truly effective political revolution without first there being a solid social revolution. Those who think a Dalit economic revolution is the only solution fall in the same “Neo-Hindu Dalit” trap.

Those who focus on kickstarting a social revolution use the terms SC ST and other minorities. The Varnadharmi Shudras cannot be our friends in the social revolution if they call themselves Hindus. They belong to the Shudra Varna Dharma.

 ~Shekhar Bodhakar