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Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

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Not just the greatest Indian but one of the greatest individuals in world history has to be Siddharath Gautam, the man who would become the Buddha. He tackled the problem of suffering that all humans face head on, in a scientific way without attachment of dogmas, free of superstition and false views.

Many of those who thought in similar ways and those who followed the Buddha’s path, themselves became great. One Indian influenced by the Buddha’s teachings, Dr B.R. Ambedkar became the greatest Indian since the historical Buddha himself.

Apart from his Academic qualifications, intelligence, ethics & wisdom Dr Ambedkar has also come to be known as one of the greatest humanitarians the modern world has witnessed. Combine this with the fact that he came from the most humble background with an almost impossible task of rising to the heights that he did, eventually becoming the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian constitution and so coming to be known as the chief architectof the largest constitution in the world, a symbol of knowledge and a champion of human rights. For his achievements, the prestigious Columbia University conferred uponDr Ambedkar the title, “Father of Modern India


In the WHOLE of Indian history, how many out of the countless millions of Indians, with all odds stacked against them, have done/ achieved anything comparable to what Dr BR Ambedkar achieved in his lifetime ?

I am not elaborating on his achievements here because the internet is already flooded with these by some brilliant minds.

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FOR THIS REASON ALONE : Rising from a so called untouchable community, Ambedkar even surpassed Ashoka-the-Great in his greatness.

Emperor Ashoka, beside his belief and the will to bring positive changes in his kingdom, had access to all that was required to fulfil his dreams.. whilst the compassionate ‘Untouchable’, Ambedkar, only had his personal qualities to rely upon and the most fantastic dream of equality, liberty, fraternity and justice for all,, making “Ambedkar-the-great” the greatest great in Indianhistory since the Buddha.

It will come as a surprise to many that there is a section of society in India who have made it their mission to downgrade Dr Ambedkar or even wipe his name from the school history books. Questions such as those in the following links are being asked, with an attempt to create doubts in the minds of the unsuspecting, about the great man Shekhar Bodhakar’s answer to Was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar poor in English?

In the following links, discover the Secrets about Dr Ambedkar and related topics that the privileged dominant classes in India do not want to reveal to the world; for then, the masses would surely get to know who really is the greatest Indian and why.