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Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

If anything,.. Dr. BR Ambedkar is grossly UNDERRATED.

Your question implies that you are:

EITHERa scholar/historian who is a specialist on Ambedkar and have wrongly reached a conclusion that Dr Ambedkar is over-rated

OR You want to mislead people that Dr Ambedkar is overrated (most probably because you could be considering yourself to be belonging to a so called ‘high caste’)

What is it about Dr Ambedkar that you find so overrated ?

Is it his Academic qualifications, intelligence, ethics & wisdom that is overrated or is it that he was also one of the greatest humanitarians the world has witnessed, at least in modern history ? Combine this with the fact that he came from the most humble background with an almost impossible task of rising to the heights that he did, eventually becoming the chief architect of the Indian constitution, a symbol of knowledge and a champion of human rights.

MY QUESTION : In the WHOLE of Indian history, how many out of the countless millions of Indians, with all odds stacked against them, have done/ achieved anything comparable to what Dr BR Ambedkar achieved in his lifetime ? (The interent is flooded with his achievements)

FOR THIS REASON ALONE : Rising from a so called untouchable community, Dr Ambedkar even surpassed Ashoka-the-Great in his greatness.

Emperor Ashoka, beside his belief and the will to bring positive changes in his kingdom, had access to all that was required to fulfil his dreams.. whilst the compassionate ‘Ati Shudra’, Bhim, only had his personal qualities to rely upon and the most fantastic dream of equality, liberty, fraternity and justice for all

Ambedkar-the-great is the most UNDER rated ‘great’ in history !! WHY? Could it be because he rejected the varna and the caste system and even today, is considered an untouchable?

NOTE: There has only ever been four ‘greats’ associated with Indian history: All begin with the letter ‘A’ (This doesn’t mean that I agree they were all great)

1. Alexander the great (most overrated)

2. Ashoka the great

3. Akbar the great

4. Ambedkar the great (most underrated)

My question “Who is the greatest Indian after Ambedkar-the-great ?”

I truly hope that the questioner has enough wisdom that after reading my reply in full, she/he would rephrase the question and ask, “Why is Mr M.K. Gandhi portrayed to be the greatest Indian by the Gandhians when he really wasn’t?”

VIDEO: Ambedkar the great exposes the man Gandhi in a BBC interview

Gandhi is the greatest enemy the untouchables ever had in India” -Dr AmbedkarGandhi & the black Untouchables