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Will Hinduism survive in India?

Will Hinduism survive in India?

Will Hinduism survive in India?

Will Hinduism survive in India?

Will Hinduism survive in India?

This article is from a series of questions answered by Shekhar Bodhakar

The questioner is assuming that Hinduism is alive in India. The Hindu religion hasn’t even been born yet, let alone will it survive. Will it ever be born?

There is no such religion called ‘the Hindu religion’. Nor did it ever exist. What people ‘normally’ refer to as the Hindu “religion”, Hinduism, is really the Brahmanic way of life, Brahmanism. It was only those with ulterior motives (mainly for political hegemony), who promoted and are still promoting the term Hinduism as a religion, whilst pretending otherwise.

In essence,

Hinduism=Casteism (A person who professes to have a caste identity is said to follow casteism)


Casteism = Hinduism

I am equating Hinduism with casteism because:

1. If you ask a person who calls her/himself a Hindu, whether they have a caste identity or not, the answer will invariably be YES of course they do.

2. If you ask a person who doesn’t profess to have a caste identity what religion they belong to, they will never say Hinduism

Read:  Is Hinduism a religion or a way of life?

(Apologies for the video in Hindi. The speaker is the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, admitting that Hinduism is not a religion).

Since Hinduism is not a religion, the largest religion in India is Islam.

Before 1921 no Brahmin ever referred to themselves as belonging to the Hindu religion. (VEDIC BRAMHINS are themselves claiming that THEY ARE NOT Hindus ! ) The terms ‘Hindu’ or ‘Hinduism’ (their Sanskrit equivalents) do not appear in any of the Brahmanic holy books. Nor did the Brahmins ever consider themselves belonging to the same dharma as any non-Brahmin. Dharma is very commonly but incorrectly translated as religion.

Dharma means Duty and responsibility. The dharma (duties and responsibilities, not religions) of a Brahmin differs from the Shudra dharma. .

For Example :

1. There has never been for thousands of years a Shudra Shankracharya because their dharmas are different.

2. What percentage of the population of Brahmins are manual scavengers? I think none. Again,. because according to the Brahmin shastras, manual scavenging is the untouchable’s dharma (duty) not the Brahmin’s dharma.

It makes no sense (for a people who know that there is no such religion called Hinduism) to :

Repeatedly keep asking questions about the ‘Hindu religion’,

eg Will Hinduism survive in India?

Or How old is the Hindu religion?

What does the word ‘Hindu’ mean?

(Extract from another  >> What is the meaning of the word Hindu?)

The term Hindu, short for Hindustani was first used by the Persians. To the Persians and the Arabs, the word Hindu meant all the derogatory words you can think of.. Black, Thief, Kaffir, Slave.

A Hindu was a geographical, not religious, identity until the disintegration of Hindustan into Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepali. The Hindus, of what was then Hindustan, are now called Pakistanis, Indian, Nepalis, Bangladeshis etc, just as the Soviets of the then Soviet Union are now called Ukrainians, Russian etc. There are no more Soviets & Hindus because there is no more a Soviet Union or Hindustan.

NOTEMany scholars, including Brahmin scholars, say that the word ‘Hindu is NOT a mis-pronunciation of ‘Sindhu’ by the Persians, as some would like you to believe, Persian both, the ‘S-sound’ and the ‘H-sound’ are clearly pronounced

They believe that this suggestion is a diversion tactic to hide from the masses the original meaning of the word ‘Hindu’

(Video in HINDI– Origin of the term ‘Hindu’ watch from 5 MIN 15 SEC TO 9 MIN.The speaker is a Brahmin scholar).

The next question to ask would be : WILL INDIANISM SURVIVE IN INDIA ? (Hindostan hasn’t).