Why did Dr. B. R. Ambedkar reject the case of Bhagat Singh ?

Following is the answer by Pavel to the question asked by Dr. Ambedkar critics  When did Dr. Ambedkar reject the case and who asked him to defend Bhagat Singh? A surge in questions on why Ambedkar did not defend Bhagat Singh are on the rise to divert attention from why the Congress/RSS/Brahmins/Sikhs rejected to defend Bhagat Singh. Around the […]

Who do you think is the greatest Indian ever and why?

VIDEO: The Greatest Indian NDTV Poll (Edited but nothing added) Not just the greatest Indian but one of the greatest individuals in world history has to be Siddharath Gautam, the man who would become the Buddha. He tackled the problem of suffering that all humans face head on, in a scientific way without attachment of […]

Was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar poor in English?

He was poor in English just as much as the inventors of Sanskrit were poor in Sanskrit. He was poor in English just as much as Rabindra Nath Tagore was poor in Bengali. He was poor in English just as much as Shakespeare was poor in the English of his days Also see: Shekhar Bodhakar’s answer […]

Was Dr. Ambedkar really a genius?

Was Dr. Ambedkar really a genius? I’m not sure whether it’s intentional or not but the word ‘really’ in the question subconsciously implants an idea in the reader’s mind that he may not have been. Nevertheless, since the question has been asked, It deserves a reply.. Before you read rest of the answer, checkout his […]

Why is Dr Ambedkar so overrated?

If anything,.. Dr. BR Ambedkar is grossly UNDERRATED. Your question implies that you are: EITHERa scholar/historian who is a specialist on Ambedkar and have wrongly reached a conclusion that Dr Ambedkar is over-rated OR You want to mislead people that Dr Ambedkar is overrated (most probably because you could be considering yourself to be belonging to a […]

Why is B. R. Ambedkar the greatest Indian after Gandhi?

If anyone replies to this question praising Dr. Ambedkar WITHOUT first commenting on the motive behind the phrasing of this question, then she/he has fallen in the trap of indirectly admitting thatMr M.K Gandhi was the greatest Indian, greater thanthegreatest intellectual and humanitarian of this era, Dr BR Ambedkar. VIDEO: Greatest Indian Poll (edited but nothing added) These […]